Best eye care treatment in Madinaguda | Hyderabad

Best Eye Care Treatment in Hyderabad

Dr. Sitaram Phani kumar

  • MBBS at osmania medical College
  • Post graduation at NEW YORK MEDICAL COLLEGE
  • Over 20 years of experience in USA and INDIA.
  • Did research at Monell Chemical Senses center, in University of Pennsylvania.
  • Wide range of medical knowledge.
  • Overall guidance in health issues.
  • Returned to India to share his medical and social experience with fellow citizens and be with his old aged parents.
  • Also runs a speech and behavioral therapy centre for AUTISM kids.
  • Extensive opthalmology knowledge.
  • Known for comforting along with his expert treatment.
  • Expertise in Refractive ( Lasik and Laser) and Cataract surgeries.
  • Medically can treat all kinds of eye related issues.
  • Runs multiple eye hospitals and a team player along with his associated doctors.Successful done more then 10000 surgeries